• Monge


    En construcción... casi típico =P

  • Jorge Najera

    Jorge Najera

    Cofounder at Bolteam & Actiun. Fullstack Engineer, Coffee junkie and Crazycatman.

  • Mariana Barrera

    Mariana Barrera

    violonchelista, bandoneonista, economista, charcutera, amante del tango y de la buena comida

  • Luan Pontolio

    Luan Pontolio

    I’m a Web developer, in love with technologies and like to see how they interact with each other and enable (the/a) creation of new scenarios.

  • Carlos Compean

    Carlos Compean

  • Adán G. Galván González

    Adán G. Galván González

    Likes: parties, coding, teas, music, films & minimalism. Trying hard since 1989… ex maker at @ixpibike

  • Gil Herrera

    Gil Herrera

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