An undervalued strategy for International tech companies still operating exclusively from the US

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Canada, the US, and Mexico as part of North America

In the beginning, I thought writing about the Tex-Mex advantage was important. Still, considering a more broad possibility and the current opportunity, I then switched to talk about the whole North American Block: the US, Canada, and Mexico region, and its strategic relevance for technology companies.

We have seen this from decades ago. Businesses started to look for talent outside the US, no matter the location. It all began with tech companies looking for the best engineers, designers, and managers, no matter their location or even background. It was an investment in growing the team, and the impact should be seen in the company’s growth, but it could become a considerable cost to maintain it in the long run. …

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Viñedo repleto de parras, las cuales tardan 4 años en dar los primeros frutos

Han sido cerca de 8 años de aprender del emprendimiento. No puedo arrepentirme de ninguna lección aprendida o delas bofetadas que me ha dado la vida al aventurarte y tomar los risgos que provocan que los cambios que uno visualiza en su cabeza, se hagan. Aunque el trayecto no es sencillo, hay cosas que te mantienen motivado y hasta cierto punto vivo. Existirán ajustes, adaptaciones y cuestiones que se tendrán que aclimatar según el grado de madurez no sólo del negocio, sino de la persona misma en su propia vida, pero hay algo que persiste y son los valores.

Hay mejoras que pueden detectarse y activarse, pero la falta de valores tan importantes como la integridad, llegan a ser evidentes, y pueden ser tan destructivos como afectar una imagen reputacional en segundos con tan solo una decisión abrupta y mal tomada. El no tomar aire y analizar contextos completos, sesgados por el ego fácilmente pueden hacer que lo que vas construyendo poco a poco se desmoronen, y es que valores como la integridad no se hacen con seguidores en redes sociales, con amigos en la fiesta o por conectar con gente, se hace de la suma de pequeñas acciones que van forjando tu nombre y tu persona. …

What’s the real meaning of a software partner and the opportunities that exist to make all relationships and projects successfully.

There’s a big gap between the necessities from current organizations regarding software development and the offering anyone can find in freelancing platforms. The world is changing, there’s no question about it, and since these changes will impact every industry and company, all leaders should be aware that digital strategies are going to be part of the daily operation for every business. …

A couple of years ago, the leadership and founding team were involved in many operational-tactical matters. The main reason was all changes happening in the industry and some pivots we were making in terms of market segmentation and value proposition in order to have more success stories while crafting software platforms.

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Company Culture and the philosophical elements behind it

Our 7th anniversary as a business was the right excuse to take our cultural basis and redefine some elements. The company was evolving to a more exciting time, with more considerations and a fortified culture. The number 7 had great symbolism, as a number it means reflection — a time to reflex and think about the past, present and future. So we did it. …

How these characteristics fit into the modern role of software engineering and elite software teams

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Solving a problem can be done using different tools, knowledge, and a set of practices. Depending on the complexity of that problem, is how you will start to figure out how to solve it. The way it can be done is understanding the problem from the beginning, thinking in the potential benefits and impacts of solving that, and translating into a solution.

It happens the same with software development — you need to cover a wide range of steps in the problem-solving process, and you need to jump into different layers of abstraction, implementing the most suitable and feasible tools to accomplish the objective of that particular problem. Many problems a developer wants to solve can be done with particular programming languages, existing tools, and APIs. The one in charge of solving can decide what is the most suitable programming language, with the right set of practices for that particular challenge. To solve problems, it is not enough to say that you know a particular tool or single practice. …

Originalmente redactado en Marzo 21, 2020. No me había animado hasta ahora a publicarlo. Servirá como una guía para otras crisis sanitarias o contingencias para pensar en la continuidad de cualquier negocio.

He notado un grado de dificultad mayor al ejercer y efectuar negocios en México conforme a lo que se está observando en otras partes del mundo dadas las condiciones sin precedentes acontecidas por la pandemia declarada del COVID-19 (coronavirus). …

I am not a huge fan of bargaining with vendors or any provider that shows up selling me something. I am sure that what people offer and sell has its value, and all are trying to do their job explaining the way their service or product will generate value.

However, in a crisis situation, there’s no other choice than talking directly and saying how things are evolving, and how your service can sustain the same level of operability and attention. …

There’s a wide range of services available in the market when a company requires software assistance. The majority of the conversations involved, happen in a technical context with decision-makers oriented towards controlling both the resources and the software development process. Since they are technical themselves, my main understanding is that these leaders want to conduct all efforts from all people and resources involved the way they think it should be done—either good or wrong.

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“CTO” astonished by the chaos in the on-premises data center

The software services industry has always been considered a consulting industry. From the inception of any business or a hip Development Shop in this field, the easiest and intuitive way to deliver a proposal or a quote to a new potential customer is calculating the N total amount of hours the company will spend (more abstract conversations will blend this in terms of iterations, sprints or points, whatever the unit) times a rate according to the market-offering, depending on the region, tight to living costs, operational expenses, socioeconomic context; economies of scale in the end. …

Once defining your strategy for collaborating with a software partner, how to run a high-performing and world-class relationship?

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Planning session promoting in-person interaction between both parties

As a company, we were born because of demonstrating our execution capabilities through working functional products. Doing this is not easy, that’s why It was important for us to share the way we have developed many of our customer relationships during the last years, crafting software out of Latin America, and the business decision-makers & stakeholders located mainly in the US.

In every single region of the world, particularly those mainly involved in technology, it is evident all the challenges the industry is facing in terms of talent acquisition: political changes, immigration policies adjustments, scarcity in the volume of roles and people, underskilled workforce for the type of activities you need to cover — these are just some examples of the many things a business needs to care when building a software team and an engineering culture. Even more, when you are a company based out on a city that there’s no significant concentration of engineers or any type of role you might be seeking, how do you start attracting talent and retaining them? …

What does this mean for the region, industry, unicorns in Latin America and the future of growth in tech-based companies?

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Last January 6th, 2020 happened an interesting situation. With a total valuation of $10B USD and a raising customer base of 50M, the first acquisition of the Brazilian fintech Nubank, the highest-valued unicorn in Latin America, was a software services company: Plataformatec. At first, this might sound just like another acquisition in the tech world, but it is not when you go deeper. …


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