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I had a very uncommon feeling last week when I met different founders starting or ongoing with their businesses. Sharing thoughts and ideas about their plans become exciting to me in some situations, but in others the feeling within myself was disagreement.

Nevertheless, something I learned talking to these people was only one sure thing: respect the vision.

While ago a friend told me about the admiration he had from people able to build a vision, share it with others and attract minds to follow that plan in order to see it happening. I believe he had a very solid argument. Building a vision of how we see the future is not an easy exercise.

Talking to these different founders let me abstract two different cases, the one with the alignment and the one with the friction.

On the first case I had a meeting with a very capable team conformed by different people with many exits, enviable career paths and with lot of expertise on the entrepreneurial struggle. In this meeting I felt something I haven’t felt on the past and it was the ability of the founder to articulate his vision, share the opportunity and align everyone in the room to complement this vision with their contributions and backgrounds. I was impressed by the fact that this man inspired the entire team, and also transmitted his emotions generating vast of energy and rapport with the group. We ended with tons of momentum and with a clear idea of what was the opportunity and why it was the right timing.

The second case was a meeting I had with a great and successful founder. He shared with me the main vision of his current business and different other thoughts as part of his strategy. I was able to discuss my point of view and contrast in different ways with him due to my involvement in the same field. Then in my inner self I was remembering why I was there — I wanted to have that meeting due to an authentic doubt I had about his vision of the business. I realized that my only role there was to hear, assimilate and empathize on the way he sees the world today and tomorrow. I didn’t need to judge or anticipate any circumstance. Expectation: nothing. Finishing I digested all shared comments and felt calm because I understood his points.

In both situations, my main objective was to respect the vision. It doesn’t mean they are right about the future of their industry or the world itself, but who is right at all? The future is not written down yet, and that’s the exciting thing of building a vision and make it happen, demonstrate it is something achievable and might be a prominent way to see the world moving.

I learned something great, and I promised myself to be more calm, receptive and empathic hearing to others visions, no matter those contrasts with my ideas or a complementary vision I might have. During the meetings I felt grateful and blessed at the same time, knowing I was surrounded by people I never imagined to have beside myself sharing different thoughts about a better world.

Co-founder at Icalia Labs. Software, my career. Ambivert, Progressive and Vehement. Bilingual [EN|ES].

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