Reducing the commoditization perception in software development

“CTO” astonished by the chaos in the on-premises data center

[Formula] N hours * People Involved * Rate = Investment

Now, the conversation can transcend into a more detailed explanation of how the cost is distributed, and even more, what type of roles are you involving, excluding any relevance in process and practices the team itself is following, along with the culture fostered in the software services company. Again, the type of decision-maker is a controller.

An example of a potential dev shop calculating its rate-per-hour
CTO segregated from strategic decisions, caring about budget and costs

Art (noun) — /ärt/ /ɑrt: “A skill at doing a specified thing, typically one acquired through practice.”

Anyone can hire a software developer of any level. Computer Science has evolved for the last decades in a way without precedent, still being a young discipline, but being introduced in all universities in every country due to the economic growth the Internet has provided, and new sources for educational support to anyone seeking to join the party. However, this not necessarily means that a solo developer is ready to build a production platform, with the right architecture and aligned with the expected outcomes to achieve business objectives. There’s a big gap in terms of complementary skills, experience and communication capabilities that will make an engineer specialized enough to be part of those exceptional professionals assembling real world-class teams. Additionally, the process they can perform should be flexible and adaptable, according to the different roles involved in a software development journey: Designers, Managers, Users, any type of stakeholder. The entire process becomes a source of valuable knowledge, a differentiator, an art, hardly replicable with some articles and a couple of weeks of online training.

The product used to build a software system is a group of capable people and best practices
Key decision-makers involved as part of the Board of Directors or Strategic conversations



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