I have been curious to understand how Resilience happens, and even more, how Resilience prevails.

It is easy to say someone overcomes problems and keeps moving forward in order to tackle adversity. Nevertheless, there’s no clear explanation to me why people still sustain their vision of a better future.

I have seen that having a mind constantly reminding the future you want and aspire, is what makes living the present in a motivated way, acting no matter the adversities. That’s what I call the Optimist Mindset.

In different situations with personal projects I have seen there are different moments where you need to be strong, and you need to survive those unfortunate moments. And there are other moments where you can just feel grateful, energized and happy, spreading the feelings not only with those around you, but generating an entire vibe where optimism is present. There’s where the magic happens. Either way, the vision still aligns.

Building an optimist mindset consists of involving different values to not only to pursue your self vision, but also to maintain the pace and achieve what you are looking for. If somebody is delaying something and is not willing to cooperate, you stay strong and keep visualizing that big thing you want.

Sometimes, without a clear plan, without any set of tactics, you feel how all the variables are settled down on your favor, or probably you see everything is aligned to be moving until reaching the main goal. I can say that’s the result of an optimistic mindset. You never think about quitting, you never see yourself dying while trying, you never feel it is going to happen. While there might be counterparts and parameters stopping you during the journey, no one than yourself have the capacity to control your thoughts, feelings and your mindset. In the end, everything depends on you.

An optimist mindset can implicitly persuade and align all those things you need to see happening, if you allow your mind and spirit to develop the environment. An example of this happened when we wanted to extend our services into another customer segment. We probably figured out different opportunities, and we took chances on that. We never classified those opportunities as real opportunities being part of the plan, but we felt it was important for what we wanted to achieve. Our minds where constantly reminding us that these types of opportunities need to be taken and exploded. So did we, and we started to grow.

If you don’t want to align thoughts in an optimistic way, for sure wrong or inappropriate vibes and opportunities might be attracted. Every single movement, decision, phrase, but more importantly, every outcome, can be produced thanks to the power of your mindset, and everything becomes controlled by yourself and your only mind.

Co-founder at Icalia Labs. Software, my career. Ambivert, Progressive and Vehement. Bilingual [EN|ES].

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