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Amatle — Coffee shop located in Monterrey, MX

There is this place where I have coffee every once in a while close to my apartment, just before arriving to the office. I can barely remember that the guys owning and serving at this place started as a smaller coffee shop collecting money to save forests, and now they have moved to a hostal where the great coffee remains, combined with delicious breakfasts and unique bread.

One of the great differences and things that will make you remember this place forever is the experience they provide to every single customer asking for coffee. I am not saying this is the best coffee in the world, but they will let you think deeply if you aren’t ready to answer. Once you ask for your preferred selection of coffee and the rest of your order, they will ask: What’s your Dream? An unexpected question to close the check.

I have always felt grateful and conscious because many times on the past I’ve reflected on those things I would really like to achieve for what I want to be remembered when I leave this world. Even though, I felt this took a while for myself compared to many others I know that have defined this in a clearer way since they were younger, potentially due to its maturity, experiences, or simply a coincidence. And there’s nothing wrong about this.

As authentic living creatures, every human being want something else and different, something incredible to realize: everyone has at least a dream, doesn’t matter how complex or simple it might be. When I took my cup of coffee, and sit for a while looking at all the people arriving asking for coffee and sharing their dreams, I was impressed. When someone is thinking about saving the whales, someone might be thinking on learning an instrument, writing a book, or maybe just be happy. From the most ambitious to the most simple things that might be meaningful in some people, it’s incredible to see the wide range and type of dreams every single person had.

I am excited to see everyone is different, and our perspective of the world is equally different, and that’s why we build, create and act as we do. That’s the fun on being a race and having a thinking mind.Everyone has at least dream, and even he/she has not defined it yet, they can conclude on something. If they achieve a first dream, they will have a second one, or a third one. Or maybe they will think on something unreachable, but thinking about that dream, might help this person to believe and imagine, co-creating with future generations what is starting here and now, and might be accomplished just after decades of pursuing collectively that dream.

Dreaming is not a bad thing. Dreaming doesn’t cost anything. Dreaming can be a daily exercise where our mind can expand its vision and imagine about the broad possibilities we have a society, whether might happen or not. It is the power of believing in something, and aligns ourselves to that intention.

I think it is important to train our dreaming capacities once in a while. It is not about waiting for things to happen, is about to design what we want to see and be part of that. Being creators of our destiny, becomes a reality when we start dreaming.

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Paint & Revolutionize the Software Industry — 2 different dreams

Co-founder at Icalia Labs. Software, my career. Ambivert, Progressive and Vehement. Bilingual [EN|ES].

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