Han sido cerca de 8 años de aprender del emprendimiento. No puedo arrepentirme de ninguna lección aprendida o delas bofetadas que me ha dado la vida al aventurarte y tomar los risgos que provocan que los cambios que uno visualiza en su cabeza, se hagan. Aunque el trayecto no es…

What’s the real meaning of a software partner and the opportunities that exist to make all relationships and projects successfully.

There’s a big gap between the necessities from current organizations regarding software development and the offering anyone can find in freelancing platforms. The world is changing, there’s no question about…

Once defining your strategy for collaborating with a software partner, how to run a high-performing and world-class relationship?

As a company, we were born because of demonstrating our execution capabilities through working functional products. Doing this is not easy, that’s why It was important for us to share the way…

Eduardo Lopez De Leon

Co-founder at Icalia Labs. Software, my career. Ambivert, Progressive and Vehement. Bilingual [EN|ES].

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